Module 1: Some Tips for Success from this Consultation


Module 2: Seven Things That Can Stop You from Leading Revitalization


 Module 3: Seven Ways to Deal with Critics


Module 4: The Four-Legged Stool to Revitalization


Module 5: The Awesome Power of a High Expectation Church


Module 6: Ten Examples of Raising Expectations in Your Church


Module 7: Simple Church and Revitalization



Module 8: Simple Church: Clarity and Movement



Module 9: Simple Church: Alignment and Focus



Module 10: Revitalization and an Outward Focus



Module 11: Ten Practical Examples of Outward Focus



Module 12: Relational Skills of the Leader



Module 13: Leadership Skills



Module 14: A Checklist for Revitalization (Part 1)



Module 15: A Checklist for Revitalization (Part 2)