Facility Use Form

Facility Usage Policy First Baptist Church/ROC

This policy must be read, signed and a deposit of $100 must be given to the church office before the activity or event is placed on the calendar.  By signing below, the Point of Contact, hereafter referred to as POC, agrees to comply with the following policies and procedures. Failure to comply with this agreement can result in the loss of all or a portion of the deposit.

I. Facilities may be reserved on a first come – first serve basis, as long as it does not interrupt FBC functions. FBC reserves the right to refuse the use of any church facility.

II. The POC reserving the building space will be required to make a $100 damage deposit ($200 if using sanctuary) to reserve the space requested. If after use, any clean up by our custodial staff is required, the funds to pay for this will come out of the deposit. All facilities should be returned to their previous condition after usage.

III. The POC will be responsible for all guests attending the function, and will be financially responsible for any damages incurred by the POC of guests attending the function.

IV. The POC will provide adequate adult supervision during the function.

V. Guests attending the event must stay in areas that have been reserved.

VI. Food or drinks are allowed only in designated areas, all spills must be cleaned up.

VII. Prohibited items include: any form of tobacco, anything considered a weapon, any form of alcoholic beverage, or controlled substances.

VIII. Prohibited usage includes teaching / selling for personal gain without prior approval.

IX. Animals are not permitted in our facilities.

X. All refreshments and decorations, including adhesives, must be taken out of the building when the function is over.

XI. Trash cans and liners are provided, but trash must be taken out after the function.

XII. If using kitchen or dining  areas, all appliances, utensils, supplies, tables and  chairs, must be cleaned and put in their proper place after use.

XIII. Floors must be vacuumed, swept, or mopped.

XIV. FBC assumes no responsibility for lost, misplaced, or stolen items.

XV. Playroom Guidelines

I. No children above 5th grade are allowed in the playroom area.

II. All children 5th grade and under must be directly supervised in playroom.

III. No climbing on the outside of the equipment or up the slide.

IV. Shoes must be removed before entering the playroom equipment.

XVI. Fee Schedule (Member / Non‐ Member)

A deposit of $200 is required for use of the Sanctuary.  A deposit of $100 is required for any other building use.

Church Building Member/Non Member

a.  Sanctuary ($300 / $400)

b.  Chapel ($175 / $275)

c.  Fellowship Hall ($50 / $75)

d.  Classrooms ($10 / $20)

ROC Building Member/Non Member

a.  Playroom/Dining/Kitchen ($45 / $60) 2 Hour Rental (includes set up and clean up time)

b.  Gathering Room/Kitchen ($45 / $60) 2 Hour Rental (includes set up and clean up time)

c.  Meeting Room/Kitchen ($45 / $60) 2 Hour Rental (includes set up and clean up time)

There is $15 charge for each additional hour any part of the ROC is used.