The other day, I got to take my 6-year-old granddaughter to basketball practice. Now, as you may guess, 6-year-olds do not know that much about basketball; it’s rules, how to dribble, whose goal is whose…it’s always interesting watching these little ones learn the game.  Slowly, but surely, the light eventually comes on and it clicks.  They start to “get it”. 

My specific little one’s team was practicing against another team so they could all try to grasp at least who they were supposed to guard and/or where they should stand while on offense & defense.  Honestly, these games seem to be just 10 little kids running up and down a court chasing a ball, or skipping down the court and possibly throwing in a cartwheel or two (this would be mine)…

Anyway, at the practice session, my happy baby was told to guard another little girl. She gladly complied and proceeded to guard her diligently, even while on offense.  The coaches stopped the play and proceeded to instruct the girls on what they were to be doing.  The coach of the other team was standing near my little one, and her coach was behind her. 

I watched that little face listening quite intently to the other coach as he instructed his team.  She nodded that she understood.  All the while, her coach was giving instructions, she never acknowledged him. 

It made me think of Jesus when He said, “I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me (John 10:14).” And in John 10:27 he says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Sheep know who feeds them, protects them, and cares for their needs. Sheep can distinguish their keeper’s voice from others.

There are so many voices out there in this world trying to get your attention.  It so easy to get caught up in life and follow the wrong voices or take a different path to the one God had intended for you. However when we heed the call of our great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, we quickly are reminded of His great grace and His loving heart towards us and can find our direction again.

Are you listening to the right voice? When Jesus speaks, do you stare into His face intently and acknowledge what He has spoken to you?  We need to learn how to recognize His voice, to go where He wants us to go, and to serve and imitate Him so that we can share His good news with the world.

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